The Mildbeast Website is live!

by Ted

Posted on May 21st, 2018 at 12:00 PM

At Sundown

Hello! Welcome to the grand opening of the Mildbeast Official Website!

You can use this website to check out our games (currently just AT SUNDOWN™), read the history of our studio, email us, or look at our blog. Soon the blog will have content such as:

  • Updates/Announcements - Progress of games such as AT SUNDOWN™, or something important we’d like to announce.
  • Making of AT SUNDOWN™ - Take a look at the making of AT SUNDOWN™, such as the creation of characters and maps.
  • Knowledgebase Articles - General insights from us about game design, business, etc.
  • ??? - Other stuff we feel like sharing! Maybe not reddit reposts, though. We’re trying to run an authentic operation, here ;)

Thanks for checking us out! Also, credit to Chan ha Kim and Kevin Kim (not related) for the backgrounds! You can check out Chan ha's work here, and Kevin's work here.

- Ted & Izzy